From the breath-taking and spectacular to exotic and smelly their beauty

will always be captivating.  With so many species there is always so much to learn and discover.


For availability please email us at sales@barellannursery.com.au.  Our plants range in sizes from 140mm to 200L for advanced stock.  We have organised them into the following categories.

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These plants create a dense covering of the soil and are easy to maintain and have the function of protecting the soil from erosion and reducing weed growth. 


Grasses or Ground Covers can be used to give your garden a more manicured look or even define a space within the garden.

This category consists of a variety of plants including infill plants (undergrowth), accent features and succulents ranging in pot sizes from 200-400mm. 


Infill plants should be planted in groups of 3, 5 or 7 allowing them to fill in the garden with a more dramatic presence of colour and texture.   An accent plant has 'wow factor', contrast and can be used as a focal point in the garden.

Suited to modern, tropical and resort-style gardens, palms can be used to create a shade canopy for the garden.  Palms are evergreen and low maintenance. 


There are a wide variety of palms - single trunk, clustering, short, tall, fan, bushy fronds, long fronds, light green, dark green, grey, red etc.... all of which add texture and interest to your garden.

 Shrubs and


Block out a neighbour, fence line, water tank or cover a feature window by using plants. 


Our range of Lilly Pillys and shrubs planted in a simple clean lines can be very effective as a back drop or screen. 


Compact, dense shrubs are also great for training into a topiary or shape.


and Cactus


Cactus and succulents have become increasingly popular for their architectural forms, vivid colours and low maintenance. 

They can withstand tough, dry conditions whilst also being so versatile that they can adapt to many different types of conditions.



Planting a tree in your garden adds big impact in more ways than one ... by creating a focal point, feature, canopy for shade, a seasonal feel or beauty.